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Our Business
Film Production in India, is always a fortuitous business, especially for the film producers, who invest and depend on various factors to decide the outcome of the film, so produced.

What we need is a fool proof system that compensate all the collaborators fairly without any loss, especially the producers.

We do have a flawless system, that is unassailable and it gives only positive results. What more, time bound film making and release, right team, speed and latest technology are few of the “Mantras” of our business.

We use block chain technology, that is decentralized and we use Kolycoin and CMC Coin to fund our projects and keep investing in KOLY COIN and CMC to increase the value. Payments to the vendors/partners are made in both crypto assets and in fiat currency as a legal tender for all the transactions thus making a fair shake by increase in value of their payments, that ensures a non-zero-sum game.