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About Us

M/s Yadsun Entertainment LLP, a novelty vertical of M/s Yadsun Solutions Company. Established in 1998, M/s Yadsun Solutions, specialized ab-initio in Tourism Industry. It operated in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Honkong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China Main Land.

Way back in 2013, When the Company identified the potential of Block Chain Technology, it wanted to be a part of this advanced technology thus becoming one of the pioneers in Knowledge Transfer industry of Crypto Asset Trading. With the overwhelming support from its associates in Malaysia, the company entered in Malaysian Cine Field.

As an emergent company, we have all the expertise and passion for film making using the latest technology to reach the masses, which love entertainment and are spread across the globe. And when it comes to reality, we want to have our business a lucrative one for all its collaborators.

M/s Yadsun Entertainment, in its pursuit of excellence, endeavors to revolutionize the film industry by utilizing block chain technology and digital asset to form a radical platform that enhances the business of film making to a greater level. The Company is ready with a business ecosystem that works well for the artists, content producers, technicians and all other stake holders. The Company intends to have the business a nurturing home for all film making talent, inventive film directors and artists. With the explosive evolution of technology, we can now shoot in many formats, and for many different screens. Best crew, right locations, onscreen value and very favourable exchange rates are few of our company’s business ethics that shall make each project scaling new heights.